Lesca Lunetier

Lesca Lunetier is a quality French-made eyewear company, known for its vintage frames as well as its 50's and 60's inspired original models. With talented craftsmen and impeccable workmanship, Lesca provides upscale, exclusive and personalized glasses made to order and measure.

The 1950's and 60's marked a turning point in the fashion industry, especially in the design of glasses. Born during the 60's, the LESCA collection is marked by the distinctive style of this era. Each year, LESCA Eyewear draws its reissued collection from this inexhaustible source of inspiration. All optical and sunglass models respect the spirit of the French label, ensuring its place as a market leader for more than half a century.


Each model is designed by Joel LESCA. The "Oversized" look is highly inspired by vintage frames from his collection "French Vintage Original". Comfort and ergonomics are always emphasized. In the meantime, his sons have been sensitive to current trends, ensuring that the collection remains consistent, innovative and unlike any other.

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