100% Optical Seminar Programme 2022

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Community eye care pathways for people with a learning disability: an optometry first service

25 Apr 2022
Main Stage

Grace McGill has lived with experience of sight loss and learning disability. Trevor Hunter has many years of experience in the optical sector. They are partnering as part of a SeeAbility project to get community eye care pathways for people with a learning disability commissioned across London. Grace will talk about the barriers to good eye care faced by people with learning disabilities - a group who are 10 times more likely to have a problem with their eyes but much less likely to access the eye care they need. Trevor will discuss how these issues can be addressed with the establishment of the recently refreshed LOCSU Community Learning Disability Pathway. They will explain some of the simple steps that can make sight tests more accessible for this patient group and how a community eye care pathway for people with learning disabilities will prevent avoidable visual impairment.



Trevor Hunter - SeeAbility
Grace McGill - SeeAbility

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