100% Optical Seminar Programme 2022

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Live stream: Augmenting human abilities - emerging trends in assistive technology for the visually impaired

25 Apr 2022
Main Stage

We are living in the technology 4.0 revolution where the pace of innovation, development and manufacturing has rapidly increased over the last decade. The evolution of smartphones, wearable devices and the miniaturisation of sensors has opened new possibilities for consumers, especially those with disabilities. The opportunity for technology-assisted human augmentation is here. And, an ever-growing array of new assistive devices are available to help blind and low vision people access information, navigate their surroundings and live more independently. This presentation will focus on the latest trends and innovation of assistive devices for the visually impaired. The application of mobile apps for daily living will be discussed as well as the newer trends in smartphone sensor integration, augmented reality, AI and computer vision. Practitioners will gain insights into recommending technology aids and fostering adoption for visually impaired patients.


Fernando Albertorio, Product executive - WHOOP

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