100% Optical Seminar Programme 2022

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Preventative eye care: getting patients to change behaviours to protect their sight

25 Apr 2022
Future Practice - Refraction Suite

Optometrists have a unique opportunity to help people improve their overall health and maintain healthy sight throughout their lives. This talk will explore the science behind some lifestyle behaviours and clinical solutions that can help protect sight through life and how eye care professionals can help motivate their patients to make changes. The focus will be on risk factors for the leading cause of sight loss in the UK, age-related macular degeneration. One of those risk factors is exposure to blue light. This talk will provide delegates with the evidence to understand where blue light comes from, how it can be both good and bad for us and what advice can be offered to help patients.


Shelby Temple, Co-founder and director - Azul Optics Ltd
Emily Morris, Transitions category consultant  - Essilor 

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