100% Optical Seminar Programme 2022

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The story of comfort

23 Apr 2022
Main Stage

Throughout the history of contact lenses we have welcomed in new wearers with a smile and open arms, but at the same time, through the revolving doors of our practice, we bid goodbye to existing wearers with a tear in our eye and a shrug of our shoulders. We have done our best and fitted the best so what could we have done differently?  Pull up a chair, are you sitting comfortably?  Then let us begin…..

This CPD lecture celebrates contact lenses and explores how far we have come with innovation in material science with soft lenses. With lifestyle demands on the ocular surface higher than it has ever been before, we will also explore the concept of ‘comfort’ in contact lenses and how to systematically manage ocular surface issues with clinical practice. The session seeks to provide insights into the contact lens wearer’s experiences to help us ask the right questions so that we can place a greater value on the aftercare appointment. We aim to empower all eye care practitioners to make a difference so that new and existing soft lens wearers can be best prevented from falling into the typical patterns of contact lens drop out.


Byki Huntjens, Senior lecturer - City, University of London
Richard Smith, Head of professional services Europe / Canada - Bausch + Lomb

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