To paraphrase Winston Churchill

“This is the end of the beginning rather than the beginning of the end.”

The Big Blind Walk 2018 may be over, but the fight to prevent sight loss, treat eye disease, restore sight and rehabilitate patients goes on! Don’t forget, eye research is still sadly one of the best kept secrets in the UK and one of the most underfunded areas of medical research, despite the fact that over 83% of people regularly say that sight is the one sense they most fear losing.

The Big Blind Walk has raised in excess of £33,000 and my efforts will continue to double this figure by 1 October 2018 and then beyond this to the magic figure of £350,000.

I am eternally indebted to all my sponsors, retail partner, charity partner, media partner, individual donors, guides and walking companions, support team and supporting organisations and the media for their extraordinary contributions in helping me to raise awareness of the many and varied impacts of sight loss, promote eye research and generate much needed funds to develop the science behind sight.

I want to especially thank my guides who gave up their precious time and put their busy lives on hold to expertly navigate the route, steer me around obstacles and over difficult terrain, constantly describe the environment around me and generally keep me going during many long days.

I reserve my biggest thank you to my wife Laura and daughter Imogen who showed such patience, resilience and resolve in the face of many challenges in supporting the Big Blind Walk and keeping me so focused and fit over 8 weeks.

Over 1,000 miles and 2 months later, my faith in humankind is stronger than ever. The generosity, kindness, good will and sheer humanity shown towards me and my amazing guides by passers-by in towns and villages, on top of hills and along roads and country trails, in woods and fields and alongside rivers and canals was truly breathtaking. The most exciting thing of all was that they appreciated the critical importance of nailing the causes of sight loss and not solely managing the symptoms of sight loss and simply providing practical support, however understandably important this is.

Please continue to spread the word about our world class eye researchers who work so tirelessly to improve our understanding of the patterns and processes of eye disease, improve treatments, improve detection and diagnosis, improve the identification and characterisation of genes and the rehabilitation of patients and so much more. They need the funds to carry on with their vital work. The DONATE page will remain live until 1 October 2018.

If you would like to retrace any part of the Big Blind Walk in future and raise funds for critical eye research, then please do contact me on and we can make a plan.

Happy walking!


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I am so grateful for the tremendous financial and promotional support provided by my charity partner National Eye Research Centre (NERC), my retail partner Wheyhey! (Offering outrageously delicious treats which are high in protein and low in sugar) and my two leading sponsors, Second Sight and 100% Optical .



I lost my sight in 2010 to a retinal inherited disease and therefore I have a personal as well as professional interest in the daily battles being waged in hospitals, eye clinics and universities across the UK to prevent sight loss, treat eye disease, restore sight and of course improve the quality of life for patients through enhanced rehabilitation. I have personally overcome many challenges and i am totally convinced that ongoing eye research will continue to provide solutions that will give those wrestling with avoidable and unavoidable sight loss so much more hope, independence, mobility, financial independence and emotional well being.

However, we need to raise the general level of awareness around sight loss, introduce everyone to this incredible scientific world of discovery and innovation and encourage people to financially support eye research if we are to continue this progress towards a future where everyone can see!


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