TEF Magazine (aka "The Eyewear Forum") is an online platform that keeps you up to date on everything that's hot in the world of independent eyewear.

Initially run by freelance eyewear designer "Maarten Weidema", TEF has been backed up by more and more influencers from the optical arena, which are called the "TEF Entourage". Visiting trade shows all over the globe, writing about the latest brands and trends and shooting breathtaking lifestyle shoots on exotic locations. A solid group of reputable optical experts that each influence the industry in their own special way:


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- Amy Roiland (United States)
- Autianna Wilson (United States)
- Chantal Goldfinger (Brazil)
- Carole Riehl (France, Eco)
- Sophia Visanji (United States)
- Jennifer Bitsche (Austria)
- Siu-Yin Shing (United Kingdom)

- Anastasia Blagochevsky (Russia)
- André Oliveira (Portugal)
- Martin Graf (Germany)
- Patricia Vieites (Portugal)

- Blaž Oberč (Slovenia)
- Carla Isabel Pires (Spain)
- Sarah Settgast (Germany)
- Selima Selaun (United States)
- Maarten Weidema (The Netherlands)

- Arantxa Rey Ferro (Spain)
- Darryl Glover (Nigeria)
- Stephanie Haenes (United States)

At 100% Optical, several members of the TEF Entourage will be present to interview great eyewear designers and make reports on novelties and specialities on this unique event.

- Quote Maarten Weidema -
"I visit most of the optical shows all over the world, the big and the small. And often I see the same products and meet the same people. 100% Optical is different though. Not sure if it's because England is an island, but year after year, 100% Optical surprises me with novelties that I haven't encountered even on the largest shows in the world. For TEF, it's a must-see show that we will don't want to miss out on"