Eyestylist offers a personal view on eyewear design in the 21st century. Our site is the culmination of many years spent studying eyewear, its evolution and the creative processes used today for the production of quality frames and sunglasses.

Our aim is to share the diversity and uniqueness of the many individual labels now specialising in frame design, through reviews of individual styles, both in the optical and sunglass categories.

For each design reviewed we look at areas such as technological innovation, surface decoration, artisan production techniques and craftsmanship, as well as the materials, shapes and colours that define each product. We love the unusual and the unique, we also love simplicity and functionality. We look for special design attributes, intrigue, and creativity in eyewear, as well as following trends, design themes, eyewear boutiques and new inspirations that are shaping eyewear design today, and for the future.