Breaking into a new international market can be time-consuming and costly. Here at 100% Optical we want to make it as easy as possible for our exhibitors to find a new agent or distributor. We have numerous ways to assist you in your search, so if you would like to find out more please email [email protected] or contact [email protected] for further information about any of the exhibitors looking for agents and distributors.

If you are an agent or distributor please contact us and we can discuss how we can best connect you to suitable companies. 

"100% Optical has become a fixed date in Chick's marketing calendar after finding Kilo Eyewear, our new UK distributor at this year's show. We had been looking for an international platform to showcase our trendy eyewear & 100% Optical certainly delivered"Antonio Ferretto, Founder, Chick



Markus Temming

Looking for a Sales Agent

Could you be our next new sales agent? Markus T is looking for an enthusiastic strong communicator to establish new contacts and develop existing customer relationships. If you have sales experience, as well as optical industry knowledge, then get in touch! Please send CV & cover letter to [email protected]

Lio' Factory

Looking for a Distributor

Lio 'factory, a company located in a region of North East of Italy', called Veneto, proposes a new eyewear collection for people who wants to stand out, absolutely unique in its design, an explosion of shapes, colors, original transparencies, using the materials more'simple and poor that nature already' offers us, such as cork and rough fabrics.

OKO Paris

Looking for a Sales Agent

French eyewear designer since 1999. Our passion: to imagine and create designer frames, affordable for all in a colourful and offbeat environment. Dedicated to followers of uniqueness and originality. Get in touch today with [email protected] 

FM Optics

Looking for a Distributor

We’d love to welcome you into our 'Stars Club', our distribution partnership program. Ideally we are looking for a company that:

Is well established in the UK market yet eager for more success. Believes in the potential of our brands and is willing to work together with us in order to build and establish them as leading brands. Has excellent relationship with independent optics store owners and optic chains decision makers. Has a team of 2 to 4 sales representatives capable to introduce, sell and support our collections. Exhibits in at least one local optical expo a year.

Do you recognise yourself in the above description? Then contact us at [email protected]

About our brands: JUST eye fashion was introduced in 2011 and Treboss in January 2017. Today, both brands are sold in prime optics shops in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Italy, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Israel and more.

Dandy's Eyewear

Looking for a Distributor

A real Italian brand made with passion and sensibility.

Ioves Spa


IOVES SPA is an Italian company founded in 1950 in the Cadore area, the Italian eyewear district. The company directly produces and distributes its own brand West Eyewear in more than 50 countries all over the world. West Eyewear are extremely successful for its lightweight and colorful sunglasses and optical frames. West is a 360° brand that includes also frames for Kids, Teenagers, Clip-Ons and Rimless. If you want more info or set up a meeting at the show please email us at: [email protected] 


Looking for a Distributor

PJ Eyewear

Looking for a Sales Agent

Paris is the soul and source of inspiration & artistic expression here. Modernity and vintage are it's philosophy and elegance is it's ambition. Paname is the arty nickname given to the city of lights. Paris is, of course, full of mythical places such as Montmartre, le Moulin Rouge, le Marais, le Père Lachaise and La Bastille among others. Paname holds the image, heart and essence of Paris promoting the same values echoed through unique handcrafted pieces of eyewear.

Von Arkel

Looking for a Distributor

In the 18th Century, in the heart of Switzerland’s “Vallée de Joux” in the Jura region, the art of watchmaking was taking on a new dimension, driven by passionate artisans. Extreme precision, attention to detail, immeasurable quality, and a constant culture of innovation – together, all of these elements gave rise to the art of fine watchmaking. Over two centuries later, the Von Arkel brand has inherited from this exceptional tradition, bringing it – for the first time ever – to the world of luxury eyewear.


Looking for a Distributor


Looking for a Sales Agent & Distributor

MAGNYS is much more than just reading glasses! It’s the first pair of non-prescription glasses which brings a real comfort of vision thanks to two crucial features: it’s equipped with multifocal degressive lenses and it’s fitted by your nearest optician to your exact pupillary distance in less than 5 minutes! Thus, consumers can now rely on their optician to access comfort of vision at a very affordable price of £49 in no more time they would need to buy readers from at the local department store. This product launched on the UK market in 2018 has been created, designed and manufactured at 100% in France.

PJ Eyewear

Looking for a Sales Agent

Eyewear from Stockholm. Vasuma Eyewear was created by three friends back in 2005. Jan, Lars and Steffen set out to create an alternative eyewear brand to challenge the traditional labels. Offering eyewear inspired from the best of the vintage eras of the 50s and 60s spiced with a modern twist. All blended with influences from popular culture to create eyewear that enhances the wearer’s own identity and personality.

Mertz Eyewear

Looking for Sales Agent / Distributor

Polish colourful collection of optical frames created for extraordinary people in the modern world. The collection characterises itself by innovative, unconventional combination of lines, colours, shapes, texture and freedom in choosing material. The collection is aimed at customers who treat their glasses as an element to emphasise their exceptional personality and style.

Contact Stefan on [email protected] for more info.

Germano Gambini

Looking for a Distributor

Ocean Sunglasses

Looking for a Sales Agent

Ocean is a leading sunglasses manufacturer located in Europe hub for adventure, fashion and creativity - The Cote Basque. Renown for its natural beauty it attracts adventure sport lovers, fashionistas and creatives giving it its unique atmosphere. There are few places in the world where you can ski in the morning, surf in the afternoon and eat some of the finest food Europe has to offer in the evening.

This unique environment also makes the perfect test bed for Ocean full range of sunglasses - Sports and Technical Sunglasses can be tested in the water or on the mountain, Casual and Street in town. Ocean design team of European and American engineers are industry pioneers and veterans. Their collective experience means you get industry leadings safety and style features in your sunglasses. Combine this quality with rock bottom prices and you can quickly see why Ocean is fast becoming the go-to brand for high performance sunglasses.

Get in touch today with [email protected] and come to visit us in the E-248 booth in the 100% Optical show.

Les Pieces Uniques

Looking for a Sales Agent

The identity of the collection is to be sophisticated and informal, easy and audacious, austere and sexy, which will underscore, on every occasion, the uniqueness of those who wear them.


Looking for an agent and distributor

Agents/ Sales representatives with well-established customer relations within the optical sector and a good client base required for Italian high-end luxury eyewear manufacturer. 20% Commission on payment of invoice.

Distributor required for high–end Italian Luxury Eyewear manufacturer. Required to hold a small sample stock and to generally provide support and after-sale service. 30% margin available.

Contact: [email protected] 

Tonny Titanium

Looking for a Distributor

New TONNY Titanium Collection -  created for the most demanding minimalists!

Characteristic - frameless - the structure allows to blend glasses into the face, without unnecessary decorations and details, giving a cosmetic impression of transparency. TONNY Titanium patents are the perfect solution for people who constantly wear glasses. They are made of ultra light - antiallergic - titanium, which is elastic and resistant to everyday use. The collection consists of 9 models in 3 versions color. Discober more on or contact [email protected]