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What was the show experience like for the exhibitors?

Suzie Oswald
UK & Ireland Sales Agent, Gotti Eyewear, Switzerland

"A big Thank You for all involved for another amazing 100% Optical.
We have supported the show right from the start and achieved our best year ever with lots of new clients still to see, as it was so busy at times.
We feel it is a great platform for new buyers to come and see what Götti is about and to see lots of our existing clients also.
Our new Rimless and 3D printed frames gained a lot of interest at the show and everybody loves the lightweight Titanium styles.
We are looking forward to 2019 already!!"

Rachel De Lacy
Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Shamir UK

"It's current, it's fresh and they really treat you like a customer, more than helpful in any way they can be. We already booked again for next year!"

Erik Van Dijk
CEO, Easyscan

"Great Show, had interesting discussions with DO's and Optom's on what they need to run and grow their business and how eye care plays a role in that."

David Strang Founder, Suneez

“We attend 3 shows a year and exhibited for the first time at 100% in 2019. It’s the only UK show we would consider. We have been pleasantly surprised and estimate a 90% footfall to order conversion rate. We will definitely return in 2020.”

Poonham Patel

“It’s Amplifon’s second year at the show and last year we converted 50% of interested visitor enquiries to our Day Centre concept within Optician Practices. This year we have been busy throughout with a good influx of interested people and our presence here is definitely beneficial to our business.”

Hannah Alley
Trade Marketing Manager, De Rigo

"Another fantastic show. Thank you for your marketing communication support and amazing PR coverage throughout. We have had our best year ever at 100% Optical by far in terms of orders and our stand was continually buzzing. Great to see Mulberry and Furla on the catwalk too!"

Nathan Omodei
CEO, Otiswear

“The show was an amazing success and the perfect platform to launch into the UK after trading in Australia for 18 years and in the USA for 8 years. The timing is great to reach UK buyers and we used the catwalk to launch our environmentally friendly eyewear.”

Charles Edouard Delelis-Fanien
UK Sales Director, Safilo

 “We have waited for our first appearance at the show to make sure we participate properly and this year we had a significant presence to showcase our extensive brand range. This is the most significant UK show as many more Independent Opticians attend here.”

Ian Wolfendon
Director of Wolf Eyewear

“We have exhibited for the last 5 years. The show has delivered exactly what Media 10 said it would. We appreciate the way our account manager helps us pre and during the show. 100% suits our market, is a buzzy show and more together than others. Visitors have been upbeat including some from Preston who travelled effortlessly in to London, which with all its attractions remains a pull. We enjoy the optical village atmosphere round Excel over the 3 days and we are committed to doing the show in the future. Our newly launched Alpha collection has done really well.”

Tanya Storey
Commercial Manager, Dunelm Optical

“It’s been great this year. We launched Freya and promoted our lens lab as the independent lab to independent opticians to offer everything under one roof. It was great to relaunch in such a positive and vibrant environment."

Sam Wymer
Sales & Marketing Director, The Body Doctor

“It was a record breaking show! Most orders ever in our history of exhibitions!”

Graham Trevor
UK Sales Director, Topcon

“We took lots of orders for high order items like OCTs and practice refits, beating our sales targets. The launch of new software for image management and a new tele-Optometry portal was also a success. It is our first time at 100% Optical and it’s been brilliant.”

Jonathan Cohen
Head Of Marketing, Essilor

“We’re very happy. It was the first time to have instruments here and we’ve taken orders and for BOLON. We’re happy with the dynamism of the show and the marketing communications before the event and during it. There is a good team dynamic. We are going home with good leads and discussions to follow up.”

Nigel Castle
Managing Director, Lenstec Optical Group

“The show has been excellent, there’s a really good atmosphere and we’ve already signed up for next year. There is a very good footfall of people who are keen to look at what we have to offer.”

John McManus

“The show has been a great opportunity to get in front of new practitioners and help us expand the brand further in the UK and Europe. This is our first time at 100% Optical and it has been a flag flying exercise for us. We had a seminar at the show and the opportunity to speak and deliver education on a topic that is very close to our and the industry’s hearts was a privilege.”

Gareth Steer
VP Sales Europe, Optos

"We have had another successful year and our presence has increased. We have also hosted CET sessions for the first time which has boosted footfall and we’ve met hundreds of people and set up demos that would normally taken months. We also had 3 devices on our stand and they have been in continuous operation"

Peter Sunderland
Director, Booth & Bruce

“We’ve had good sales, made some good new contacts and new clients and the quality of the visitors has been excellent. We have even re-booked for next year”

Davis Thickens
Grafton Optical

"It’s been the best show so far and we’ve done more business than last year. We’ve brought 2 new products including the Nexy Retinal Camera and there has been a real buzz in the equipment area this year"

Andy Long
Head of Sales, Silhouette

“We’ve hit all our objectives, Sunday was manic and we were non-stop busy. It’s been very good for promoting brands at different stages of their life, from the well-established Silhouette where we launched new innovations, including our own glazing techniques for rimless eyewear. We also had our new brand neubau with its sustainable message, perfect for the younger audience. All in all, a great show!”

Robert Wilson
Director, The Eyewear Company

“The quality of the people has been spot on and their intent has been good – they’re here to buy. That’s as much as you can hope for and that’s why we come to 100% Optical.”

Nancy Black
Director, Safarro Eyewear

“The energy has been very positive and the creativity of our product has been appreciated. There has been a willingness from opticians to try something different. We have had a lot of positive leads in areas we had not reached until now. Our brand is all about being creative, colourful and distinctive.”