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  • Q. How do I amend my listing on the website?

    If you have not already done so you must fill in the show guide listing form at www.showguidelisting.com. If you have filled in the form already and want to make a small change to your listing please email [email protected]  with your stand number and what you need to edit.

  • Q. PR opportunities

    For press releases and press enquiries about 100% Optical, please contact our PR team, CAB PR on +44 (0)1789 338599 or 0044 1789 338599 if dialling from outside the UK.

    Email: [email protected] 

  • Q. Where can I find a banner/logo for my website?

    For your exhibitor badges, marketing materials, banner/logo for your website and scanner requests please visit your 'Exhibitor Hub'.

    Access your 'Exhibitor Hub' through your 'Exhibitor Manual' which will have been emailed to you. To request the 'Exhibitor Manual' to be emailed to you again or for any issues regarding your 'Exhibitor Manual' contact [email protected] 

  • Q. I am having trouble logging into the Exhibitor Manual / how do I get my login details?

    For all problems regarding the Exhibitor Manual please contact [email protected] 

  • Q.Where do I find order forms, logistics information and shell scheme info?

    All of the logistic information can be found in the Exhibitor Manual.

  • Q. What is the build-up/break down times?

    This information will be available in the Exhibitor Manual.

  • Q. What is the height of a shell scheme?

    The shell scheme walls are 2.74m high. Your ceiling height may be lower in places; please refer to the Shell Scheme Stand information in the Exhibitor Manual for full information.

  • Q. What is the shell scheme made from?

    The shell scheme is a traditional system constructed of timber batons with a plywood covering and are 2.74m high. These create smooth walls with no divisions and are painted white colour. You will also have a fascia board to delineate your stand area, this is 30cm deep. Please note that you cannot fix to or cover the fascia. All shell schemes are provided with a name board affixed to the fascia on every open side.

    Full information, along with details on how to submit your nameboard details, can be found in the exhibitor manual.

  • Q. What is the maximum build height of a space only stand?

    4m without structural calculations. Anything above this height requires permission and will incur an additional charge.

    Please see the Exhibitor Manual for the full rules and regulations for space only stands.

  • Q. Who do I speak to regarding logistics, lighting, electrics, lifting and storage?

    Inside Events
    +44 (0)2476 510015
    Dianne Wright [email protected]

    Lighting and Electrics:
    The Freeman Group
    +44 (0)2477 601 601 or [email protected]

    Lifting and Storage:
    Full contact details and order forms for all available services can be found in the Exhibitor Manual.

  • Q. How can I get an up to date floorplan?

    Please email [email protected]

  • Q. How long do I get to unload at the show?

    Time allocated depends on the size of your vehicle:

    Car or small van - 1 hour
    Transit Van / Lorry - 2 hours
    Artic Lorries - 3 hours

    Full delivery information can be found in the Exhibitor Manual.

  • Q. How much does it cost to park at the venue?

    ExCel is standard parking at £20 per day.

  • Q. What are the show opening times and venue address?

    Show Times
    Saturday 29 Jan: 10:00 to 20:00
    Sunday 30 Jan: 10:00 to 18:00
    Monday 31 Jan: 10:00 to 17:00


    1 Western Gateway
    Royal Victoria Dock
    London, E16 1XL

  • Q. Where do I pick up my exhibitor pass?

    Please see the 'Passes' section of the 'Exhibitor Manual' for full information on all passes required.

  • Q. Student registration

    All students are welcome to 100% Optical. If you are coming as a group we can register the names for entrance for you to save time and effort!

    Email [email protected] the full list of names and we will do the rest.