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Kevin Forbes
Dispensing Optician, Henley-on-Thames

“My manager recommended that I come down and I have to say it has been well worth it. The Future Practice hub has been particularly useful. This is my first visit and I really am hugely impressed with all of it.”

Darryl Taylor

"My wife and I travelled from Knaresborough for our 5th visit. It’s a great showcase full of frames variety and a great focus on new materials and processes. Unlike other shows we have been to it’s really modern and clean.”

Andrew and Barbara Lomas

“This is our first visit and we’re so impressed with the smaller niche frames suppliers. We have had our eyes opened, the business services offering has broadened our horizons. It’s very useful for small independents like us.”

Hasan Akhtar & Philippa Franklin

“It’s our second time at the show and we love the variety, balance, and the CET opportunities.”

Eileen Bassadone-Gache and Helena Kealey
Practice Owner and Optometrist

“We’ve come over from Gibraltar, and love that it is such an intimate show. It’s also nice to see so many independent businesses as we like to work with SME’s similar to ourselves”

Paul Quezada-Neiman

“As a photojournalist, I love this show. I love the colours and the different designers. The stands are all very nice. They are well lit, which makes the products shine.”

Anusia Ebemzer
Dispensing Optician, Boots

“The seminars have been really great and to a very high standard. The AOP GOC registration seminar was very enlightening and the talk by Dr Cumar about challenges in the 21st century was interactive and very well presented.”

Stephen Hopkinson
Dispensing Optician, Roger Pope Opticians

“It really is excellent. There’s a lot going on and it’s nice to see so many opticians on a Saturday when you’d expect them to be working. I’ve been doing a lot of CET and I’ll be returning on Monday because there is just so much more to see.”

Rachel Smith
Trainee Dispensing Optician, Sally French-Teeling Opticians

“It’s our first time at 100% and it’s a great atmosphere. There is so much going on. We’ve been to other trade shows in the past as we’re based in Manchester but this show definitely has more colour and there’s much more to see.”