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Tympa Health Technologies Ltd Stand: B225

By 2030 hearing loss in the UK will overtake diabetes and cataracts in the top 10 disease burdens.The Tympa is the first product of its kind to combine a digital otoscope, hearing screener and microsuction wax removal facility.

Average waiting times for wax removal services on the NHS was 12-16 weeks (pre Covid). However, with the Tympa, a patient can undergo an ear examination, wax removal and hearing screener in a single 30-minute appointment. If there are suspected abnormalities within the ear, high-definition images and video of the inner ear can be sent digitally to a specialist ENT surgeon to be further assessed.

“This has the potential to change the way both ENT specialists and GPs work, improving communication and bridging the division between primary and secondary care.”

  • Dr. Luke Pratsidis, General Practitioner

Features and benefits of the Tympa system include:

  • In the UK 1 in 6 people are affected by hearing loss. By 2030 hearing loss in UK will overtake diabetes and cataracts in the top 10 disease burdens.
  • The average waiting time to receive wax removal services on the NHS is 12-16 weeks (pre Covid). Up to 30% of patients usually have to attend another clinic for wax removal before the ear is clear enough to undergo an audiogram.
  • An ear and hearing health appointment with Tympa enables an ear examination, wax removal and hearing screen in one single appointment lasting less than 30 minutes.
  • High-definition images and videos of the inner ear can be shared with remote specialists – highly desirable during Covid as a means of reducing outpatient appointments within hospitals.
  • Designed with the non-specialist in mind. The Tympa device can be used by any allied healthcare professional, in any setting, once they have received our accredited training.
  • Wax is the reason 60-70% of hearing aids are sent for repair.

About Tympa Health Technologies Ltd:

Tympa Health Technologies Ltd are a team of doctors and technology experts united by a vision of helping the world to hear. The current pathways in which patients seek help with ear and hearing health conditions are often disjointed and time consuming.

Tympa Health Technologies Ltd have created the world’s first all-in-one ear and hearing health assessment system. It can be used in any location by any allied healthcare professional, once they have undergone our programme of training.

We want to normalize ear wax and change the way people view hearing health appointments. Generally speaking, people should be attending ear and hearing health check-ups as regularly as they get their eyes tested.

Making ear and hearing health services more accessible not only improves treatment pathways, but it also removes the inconvenience of attending GP and hospital appointments and lessens the strain on NHS resources.

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Point of contact: Laura Hawthorne
Company: Tympa Health Technologies Ltd
Contact number: 07900506894
Email: laura@tympahealth.com

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