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09 Apr 2021

Testimonial: Caring CHEC Consultants put Patients at ease

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Testimonial: Caring CHEC Consultants put Patients at ease

At CHEC, we love hearing from our patients about the outcome of their procedures and the difference that it has made to their lives as well as how the kindness of our staff has helped to put them at ease.  This is the perfect reminder of why we do what we do.

One of our consultants, Dr CT Pillai, recently shared some feedback that he had received from an 81-year-old healthy, active patient he recently treated:

I saw an 81-year-old lady accompanied by her daughter at our medical centre.  She has cancer in her left eye and gave me a clear history of seeing a red coloured shadow in it. I was shocked and shaken by her story of how she has received multiple cancer diagnoses over the years and had now received another.  I was genuinely touched by her brave attitude. What touched me the most was that in spite of life being unfair to her, she has never once complained and instead continued to approach every day of her life positively.

Apart from being a doctor, sometimes one must behave like a fellow human being- and that is what I think I did by spending some time with her and her Daughter.  After seeing the patient, she contacted CHEC and said:

“I am extremely thankful for the kindness the consultant showed.  I feel that if it had not been for him, I would have been overwhelmed by the outcome.  Instead, I was able to stay calm and I am sure that your consultant was the reason” 

We would like to thank each and every one of our patients who continue to take the time out of their days to share their experiences with us. 

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