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HD:SV Drive 2.0

Caledonian Optical Stand: B319

We need to drive. We WANT to drive. Therefore, we need an up-tp-date and high-quality lens that accompanies us everywhere we go. That is why we have decided to engineer the best personalised free-form single vision for non-presbyopic drivers who demand wonderful visual quality for driving at any time. Besides, HDSV Drive 2.0 lenses include a night vision zone that compensates for the difference in refractive error that occurs between day and night translating, all this, into an impeccable visual acuity and less eyestrain.

Features and Benefits

  • Impeccable visual quality, especially for high prescriptions and wrapped frames.
  • Improves the visual experience of the wearer when driving in daytime and nighttime conditions.
  • Compensates for the effects of night myopia with a unique zone to provide better focus.
  • Reduces visual fatigue symptoms when driving at night.
  • Greater visual acuity for easy focus and more agile eye movement.
  • Optimised vision for a better view of the dashboard and mirrors.
  • Clear vision from center to edge ensuring a comfortable lens with no limitations regardless of the prescription or frame selected.
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