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18 Oct 2021

Invisible Hearing Aids

Amplify Hearing Ltd Stand: W02

Invisible or In the Canal (IIC) digital hearing aids are the very smallest type of hearing aid available, and are custom made to fit inside the canal of the ear and be completely hidden, making them almost invisible.

We provide a full range of all hearing aid types, including IIC aids, from all the leading manufacturers.

Many patients choose invisible hearing aids because they simply don’t want their hearing aid to be one of the first things people notice about them!

10 reasons why invisible hearing aids are so popular

  1. Suitable for most types of hearing loss
  2. Great if your patient wears glasses
  3. Incredibly discreet and almost invisible in use
  4. Easy to handle – with a thin grip cord that makes them easy to insert and remove
  5. Wireless streaming
  6. Natural, rich sound
  7. Adaptable to your patient’s sound environment
  8. No wind noise
  9. Complimentary to an active lifestyle
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