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ClearMed London Limited Stand: M229

SB200 of SBISA’ is a system for detection, capturing and processing a digital image, in 25 sections, of cornea and anterior chamber.
The system is the result of a long period of research carried out with the most accredited professionals, in order to give the highest combination between technical novelty, quality and design.

Main features:

An absolute novelty in the field of corneal topography: It allows a direct live visualization, on the computer screen, of data obtained from a couple of digital cameras.

• Placido’s Disk with 22 rings positioned at 80mm from corneal vertex
• nr2 monochrome video cameras.
• Image capturing and data patients management software.

Management software has the following main functions:

• Calculation and display of corneal curvature maps.
• Display of pachymetry maps, refractive power (front, rear and total) maps, elevation maps (front and rear), and anterior chamber depth maps. • maps summaries for patient’s diagnosis.
• comparison of different maps in a single display environment.
• management of patient medical records associated with the test cards on which to perform various statistical tests and customized searches.

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