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Serene 2.0

Caledonian Optical Stand: B319

We are all currently living through the fourth industrial revolution, a revolution characterised by the presence of technology and digital in practically all stages and circumstances of our lives and, mainly, in that of young people. In fact, we live permanently connected to different electronic devices and, therefore, focusing on several screens. A digital and technological lifestyle like this requires healthy and strong eyes. Serene 2.0 lenses have been developed not only to protect our eyes but also to alleviate the symptoms of eyestrain associated with the use of electronic devices. They even incorporate a small increase in near power that can be customised for each patient, resulting in the ideal lens for our intense digital and technological life.

Features and Benefits

  • More relaxed vision requiring less accommodative effort
  • Design to significantly improve reading speed on digital devices
  • Comfortable and precise focus at all distances.
  • Near elimination of peripheral blur
  • Superior visual quality for viewing digital devices
  • Impeccable visual quality and precise focus
  • Fully personalised
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