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Zone: Mobile 2.0

Caledonian Optical Stand: B319

Once we get up, we no longer know when we are going to go to sleep again. Our day to day is full of activities, both indoors and outdoors, that need a high-quality, modern and personalised lens that can fully satisfy our dynamic life. Thanks to its cutting-edge technologies, the Zone Mobile 2.0 has not only revolutionized the concept of personalisation by considering the wearer’s accommodative ability to focus on different distances but also have drastically reduced swim effect caused by lateral image distortion, resulting in unprecedented visual quality and wide visual ranges at any distance.

Features and Benefits

  • Wide and balanced visual fields for all distances.
  • Precise and comfortable focusing for all working distances in any gaze direction
  • Peripheral blur reduction
  • Higher image stability for reduced swim effect.
  • Superior visual quality when using digital devices.
  • Highly personalised lens


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