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Colour in the prevention of visual discomfort - latest research webinar

Cerium Visual Technologies Stand: M211

Over the last decade the use of coloured filters to reduce anomalous visual perception and discomfort has become a widespread specialism among optometrists in the UK and abroad.

This virtual conference held in November 2021, was hosted jointly by the University of Essex and Cerium Visual Technologies, presenting some of the latest research findings concerning the physiology of colour, the neurological effects of coloured filters, and the differential diagnosis of the visual stress that coloured filters are designed to relieve.

Speakers from the USA, Brazil, Canada and the UK presented brief talks with question time.

The conference is designed to be of interest to optometrists and orthoptists who use coloured filters in their practices.

Speaker line-up;

Dr Olivier Penacchio (University of St Andrews) "Visual discomfort and statistical regularities in natural scenes"

Dr Sarah Haigh (University of Nevada, Reno) "Visual discomfort and cortical excitability"

Dr Gordon Plant (University College, London) “ Where are we with Visual Snow?”

Dr Douglas Vilhena (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerias, Brazil) “Coloured overlays and reading"

Prof Bruce Evans (Institute of Optometry and City University) "The differential diagnosis of visual stress”

Ms Karen Monet (private practice, Ottawa) “Repeated colorimetry”

Prof Arnold Wilkins (University of Essex) “Use of coloured filters in neurological conditions”

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