Q&A with Dr Stewart Mitchell (Eyecare)

This Q&A session is with Dr Stewart Mitchell (Eyecare) who are based in Bradford City centre. Stewart talks about the skills required for a customer base with an age range of 3 months to mid 90s and the specialist contact lens work he carries out for a local hospital. He also talks about what people are saying about 100% Optical and how its approach to the floor plan layout helps him navigate his way around the show easier.

Modern Optical Retailing: Trends 2018

Clodagh Norton highlights the optical practices that opened in 2017 and how their new designs & perspectives will help them to succeed in 2018. She mentions how their shop layout can really accentuate their eyewear and increase the amount of customers entering their store.

Sunglasses trends in 2018

Clodagh Norton, Co-founder of and Editor-in-Chief of 20/20 Europe, gives us insight into what the trends will be in eyewear for 2018. She predicts that there will be a few big styles this year with the favoured material being acetate and retro-inspired metals.

An insight into Alyson Magee

The famous British eyewear designer, Alyson Magee, describes her journey from studying for a masters at the RCA to becoming the Creative Director of Face à Face. She also gives us a glimpse of what new collections we can expect to see from her at 100% Optical.

Q&A with Martin Smith Opticians

Dr Martin Smith, owner of Martin Smith Opticians, gives us an insight into how he started his optical practice at such a young age. He also mentions how he sources the latest eyewear, what challenges he faces and how he overcomes these challenges to ensure his business continues to be a success.

Q&A with Becky Hong

Becky Hong, 2017's Royal College of Arts competition winner gave us an insight into her design for the 2017 competition and what inspired her winning design. She also told us what she will be looking forward to seeing at 100% Optical 2018.

Q&A with Clodagh Norton

Clodagh Norton, Co-founder of and Editor-in-Chief of 20/20 Europe, gives an overview of the ophthalmic trends in 2018. Her discussion reveals what she believes will be the hottest pieces of 2018 and what other types of materials will be the hype for next year.

Q&A with The Brain Tumour Charity

Jasmin Patel, Optical Engagement Manager at The Brain Tumour Charity, discusses how it is possible for optometrists to be able to detect potential brain tumours when conducting routine eye examinations with standardised equipment.

Q&A with Von Arkel

Von Arkel CEO Christophe Kozma got technical with Optical Insider, giving us the inside track on the inspiration behind the swiss made brand.

Q&A with Safarro

Nancy Black, Director of Cotivision, shares her Spring/Summer 17 trends, including feminine colours and softer pastel styles, in addition to an insight into Safarro's experience on breaking into the UK market.

Q&A with Indigo FX

Indigo FX CEO Kirpal Ubhoo discusses the future of money transfers and how businesses and individuals benefit from working with a dedicated FX specialist, such as Indigo FX.

Q&A with Silhouette

Alok Machchhar, UK field sales manager for Silhouette, discusses the recent launch of Silhouette's first ever range of lenses as part of their Vision Sensation lens business in the UK.

Q&A with De Rigo

The Q&A session with De Rigo's house brand creative director, Enrico Furlan, talks about what are the trends for the 2017 Spring/Summer season and what trends De Rigo will be following this year. 

Q&A with Jen Cheema

The Q&A session with 2016's 100% Optical eyewear design competition winner, Jen Cheema, talks about how the competition has helped develop her career and what she has done, since winning the competition. She also talks about what projects she has coming up and what she is expecting from 100% Optical 2017.

Lenstec's review of 100% Optical

Paul Walden, Lenstec Optical Group's Technical and Sales Director, gives an overview of how 100% Optical. He discusses the amount of visitors that attended to view the new Julbo sports eyewear collection. As well as talking about how the Julbo product launch was such a massive attraction at the show!

Q&A with Sinead McGurk

The visitor Q&A session with Sinead McGurk is an in depth interview talking about the current trends in the optical market. She also gives an overview of what visitors can expect from the UK's largest optical event, 100% and why it is essential for other independent opticians to attend. 

Q&A with Optos

The exhibitor Q&A session with Optos Plc is a detailed Q&A, including the topic which Dr Gerson will be speaking on at 100% Optical, Periphery and why it matters. We also discover the latest product developments Optos has going, in particular their product optomaps.

Q&A with Bigatmo

The exhibitor Q&A session with Bigatmo is a detailed Q&A, including how a thought created a business, featuring glasses which can deal with difficult changes in the atmosphere. We also touch on why 100% Optical, a show which attracts a large gathering of optical professionals, is a great launch pad for the company.

5 tips on buying luxury eyewear

Janan Choudhury's gives an in-depth overview of what are the 5 most important tips when purchasing eye wear. He focuses on promoting quality, craftsmanship and design with an emphasis on colour, styles, materials and innovation.

Christine Fitzmaurice

Christine Fitzmaurice's blog gives a great overview of how important the Intuitive Colorimeter has been for the optical industry for the past twenty years. She also determines how Cerium Visual Technologies have been improving the Intuitive Colorimeter through this period.

Jason Kirk

Jason Kirk's blog is a great insight into the reality of being an optician. He talks about the challenges every optician faces and the ways in which you can improve your practice through attending shows like 100% Optical. 

Evolving with the Optical Industry

Evolving with the optical industry is an overview of what you can expect from the UK's largest optical event, 100% Optical. Nathan Garnett, Event Director describes the full programme of the event including the AOP Awards, the large range of exhibitors and products being featured, as well as the educational content.

Q&A with Retail Experience Design

The exhibitor Q&A session with Retail Experience Design is a detailed Q&A, including topics surrounding the 100% Optical event and how it has grown since launching. We also discover which projects RED are particularly proud of, as well as their key influences behind their creative ideas and designs.

Q&A with Seen Opticians

The visitor Q&A session with Seen Opticians is an in depth interview with Tareq Mustafa, talking about what is happening in the optical industry and what challenges opticians are facing. He also gives an overview of what visitors can expect from the UK's largest optical event, 100% Optical.