Following on from the successful launch of our first single power Afocal design daily disposable CL, fusion 1day presbyo, the addition of our new monthly lens means even more presbyopes can now enjoy unbeatable depth of focus and crisp clear images. The unique lens design allows consistent high performance even in low lighting conditions.

The continuous release of natural tear film substitutes, including hyaluronic acid out from the lens matrix, addresses the often associated symptoms of age related dry eye and computer screen eye fatigue.

For the optician the successful fitting of a presbyopic contact lens has never been easier or quicker. As presbyopia follows a linear progression the only pieces of information required to fit our lenses is the patient’s age and their far vision refraction/best sphere. The correct fusion power is read from a log table. No need to measure pupil size, determine eye dominance or use reading additions, The lens itself can be used in the presence of mild to moderate astigmatism. Adaptation is “immediate” as simultaneous vision is not involved which means the majority of your patients can be successfully fitted in one fitting session of around 20 minutes!

Changing lives with CL's, the Safilens team look forward to meeting with those attending this year’s 100% optical® at our exhibition stand No L220.


“The Afocal design of the fusion 1day presbyo has allowed me to fit many more patients ... The lens also works really well for patients with low to moderate levels of astigmatism, providing better visual acuity than multifocal designs. Fusion 1day presbyo is very easy to fit with reduced chair time required. The material provides full day comfort and is easy to handle. This has been a great lens to offer in our portfolio."

Justin Hardy B Optom(SA) PQE(UK) CAS(USA) Classic Eyes eye care centre.

"I have to say I was dubious as to how well they would work when I first got the trials, having had only limited success when fitting traditional multifocal lenses. However, there seems to be a much higher rate of patient satisfaction straight out of the packet using the fitting guide and, where adjustments are needed they are only slight."

M J Housden Optician and contact lens practitioner