Tokai are a bespoke Japanese spectacle lens manufacturer who specialise in the field of premium ophthalmic lenses. With over 76 years experience, Tokai Proudly design and manufacture some of the most exclusive lenses currently available, including the world’s thinnest organic lens material - 1.76 index* – which is available in both single vision and progressive designs, tint-able to 85% ABS, and has transitions and high base curve availability.

At Tokai UK, we focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and outstanding quality. Our aim is to work with independent opticians, who pride themselves on delivering exceptional lenswear at the cutting edge of technology.

Tokai UK are proud to be a part of 100% Optical 2017, we feel the show is the perfect environment in which to enable us to present our unique range of “true differential” custom made lenses and coatings to the people in practice who will be dispensing them!

From the unique 1.76 index, our ground breaking Lutina material (that sets a new standard in terms of high energy violet light protection), our 1.70 Index (that is perfect for rimless frames), our 1.60 index Custom colour AR coatings, and all that’s in between, we look forward to meeting you on stand B250 and telling you more about our true bespoke product differentials that can enhance your current spectacle lens offering.

Tokai UK– “Our vision starts with yours!”