Keeping pace with changing lifestyles that generate new needs, Shamir UK Ltd. has launched Autograph InTouch with As-Worn™ technology. A multi-purpose progressive lens, Shamir Autograph InTouch AW addresses the new needs and challenges to the eyes experienced by progressive lens wearers who are on-the-go, and regular users of the intermediate and near zones, for example digital device users. This innovative lens ensures easy close-up focus on small text in the 40cm-70cm range needed for viewing today's handheld technology, without losing sharp focus on immediate and distant surroundings. Designed with wide viewing areas that are quickly accessible, and optimised to the wearer's head-eye-hand position, Shamir Autograph InTouch is a multi-purpose progressive lens designed to meet the needs of today's consumers, in touch with modern technologies.

This new individualised lens ensures quick appearance and up to 25% more addition power in the 40cm-70cm range when compared with other progressive lenses on the market. In addition, it offers both a reading area and an intermediate viewing area that are up to 22% broader. Add to this the soft design of the lens providing an easy transition between lens zones, and the result is a lens that ensures optimal viewing comfort for every visual range and every activity.

Building on the success of the exclusive personalised Shamir Autograph™ range of lenses the new line of Shamir Autograph InTouch AW is optimised to the wearer's head-eye-hand position when using a handheld device. The lens is also individualised according to prescription and frame choice, ensuring maximum performance at Shamir’s well known supreme value.