At Lenstec Optical Group we believe that sunglasses should constantly be working and adjusting for you regardless of the weather and terrain you may encounter.

That’s exactly what JULBO photochromic lens technology does. They automatically adjust to the lighting conditions you travel through to help you can stay focused. Whether you're on the sea or in the mountains, the weather can change very quickly. A cloudy day can quickly give way to bright sunshine so when you are running, walking, sailing, skiing or riding, you will often move from a sunny patch to a shady area. You simply need a pair of Julbo photochromic lenses so that you always have great vision despite changes in the level of light.

Julbo Zebra Light & the Zebra Light Red lens was developed so you can see the terrain you’re moving through and protect your eyes even if it’s cloudy or shady. Zebra Light lenses are perfect for races or training sessions that start in the dark and finish midday in the full sun.

Julbo photochromic lenses are manufactured using a mass casting method that produces high-quality, flawless lenses - and they have a lifetime guarantee!