Bausch + Lomb, ocular specialists in eye care for over 160 years are excited to be supporting 100% Optical. Visit our stand to find out more about the new Biotrue® ONEday for Astigmatism. With a prism free evolved peri-ballast design on the innovative Biotrue® ONEday material, it offers your patients comfort and stability1 to meet their demanding daily requirements.
ULTRATM and ULTRA® for Presbyopia contact lenses are the contact lens designed for the patient in the digital age. ULTRATM with MoistureSealTM technology uses a proprietary 2 stage process that allows 4X more polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) within its structure than the leading silicone hydrogel lens2 and is the latest innovation in contact lens materials.
Biotrue® Multi-Purpose Solution features a dual disinfection system providing unsurpassed disinfection. In fact, Biotrue® Multi-Purpose Solution exceeds the FDA/ISO stand-alone testing procedure for disinfecting products3. It matches the pH of healthy tear film (7.5)4 and furthermore Biotrue® Multi-Purpose Solution has a unique protein management system, which sustains tear proteins which are beneficial to help maintain inherent antimicrobial activity5.

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