Optimized dynamic vision

optiFORM SPORT has been specially optimized for sports and outdoor activities. Dynamic vision is the key to success in outdoor environments. The optiFORM SPORT lens provides an extensive distance vision field with a minimum amount of oblique aberration in the periphery. This integration offers users a high visual acuity in all gaze directions, providing enjoyable and natural vision.

Adjusted near vision for a clear view of sport equipment

Play, seek for new challenges and enjoy unlimited vision.

In order to play sports it is essential to see all equipment properly, such as heart rate monitors, watches or maps. The power distribution that these lenses provides has an adequate vision for both near and intermediate fields, maintaining good ergonomics, a crucial quality for sports. Sport Progressive includes Digital Ray-Path® Technology, which compensates for and minimizes oblique aberrations.

Due to this distinctive technology, lenses reach an ideal visual quality throughout the lens, providing high definition in all gaze directions and upgrading near and intermediate vision.

High definition in curve frames

When the patient needs his prescription in curved frames in sports frames format, the final lens needs to be specially optimized. Otherwise, significant errors affect the wearer’s final visual acuity perception. When these errors go unresolved, the visual experience becomes diffuse, affecting the final lens

Personalisation parameters

In order for 100% personalization, all personalization parameters unique to each wearer must be added to prescription data. The lens will be optimized using default values for jobs with no personalization parameters.

Excellent resolution

Digital Ray-Path® is an innovative calculation technique that uses a simulation of the binocular eye-lens system to optimize the lens. Each unique lens is individually calculated, ensuring an adapted solution for any all prescriptions and base curves.