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Whilst 2019 will see some new adventures for Shamir, we continue to do what we do well and will be exhibiting a range of truly quality lenses and coatings that remain up to standard due to the expertise and research & development that goes into each and every product of ours. The products we exhibit to you exist because Shamir have a genuine invested passion in recreating vision and improving the health of patients.

This of course will be alongside the star attraction of the stand, and certainly one for the show; the Shamir F1 car. At Shamir, we believe that better is possible and always challenge ourselves and customers to be so. Visiting us can see you partake to get your name on the leader board, tying in nicely with our continued Challenge Us campaign; in this, we won’t compromise on the service or quality, but we will find you better prices for comparable lenses. Ask us to perform the cost analysis today, you won’t regret it.

Not doing things by halves, we also have some special launches for you to look out for. We’re never satisfied with bringing you a product that isn’t unique and thanks to our ever-growing portfolio of skills, experience and technology, you can be assured that it is of the highest standard and does what lenses should do – offer clearer vision and protection.
We’ve been working hard to create some exceptional coatings, including one as an exclusive. This is as a result of our ongoing research and development having identified dangers that collectively, we are unaware of. Making just this one small change to your spectacles can enhance healthy vision now and into the future and we’ll be revealing all at the show! Of course, we’ll be on hand to answer any questions and provide insight into any products or services, not just the new ones.

Finally, whilst we believe it is incredibly important to take sight and eye conditions seriously to ensure that we maintain health and vision, we want you to have a bit of fun with us too. So aside from the F1 car, we’re running some competition across the 3 days.
Win prizes and win with Shamir.

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