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Our summer window used imagery from the GogoDiscover T-Rex Dinosaur we sponsored to raise funds and awareness for local children's charity Break.  Our dinosaur was called Eyela, who was a girl dinosaur interested in healthy eating, climate change, science and keeping fit.  Our lovely big windows allowed us to have 10 smaller dinosaurs dotted about on them and a speech bubble coming from Eyelas mouth asking people to see how many dinosaurs they could count. We had lots of small children over the summer holidays happily counting dinos outside the practice.  The design of Eyela included prisms as well as rainbows and a whole array of optical equipment, patients particularly loved being able to tell us that they remembered being tested with some of it.  ​

We also had footprints outside of the practice leading people towards the door.  Within each of the footprints was a dinosaur eye related fact or joke; what do you call a 1 eyed dinosaur?  Do you think-he-saurus.  There were three further footprints in the practice, again with dinosaur facts.  Young children enjoyed jumping on these.  Kept them amused whilst choosing glasses.  ​

The footprints were also an opportunity for us to tell people about our recycling within the practice; contact lenses, batteries, ink cartridges.  We saw lots of new patients dropping off recyclables or asking for GogoDiscover maps over the summer which was lovely.  ​

The dinosaurs lit up the streets of Norwich and every patient was saw spoke to us about them; their favourite, taking their grandchildren to see them, running around them with friends.  It was an amazing project to be part of and timed well to be able to give people a much needed boost.  It was great to be part of the community again with such a colourful, vibrant, fun project. 

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