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O & O Eyewear​ - Hublot - H006

  • O & O Eyewear​ - Hublot - H006
  • O & O Eyewear​ - Hublot - H006
  • O & O Eyewear​ - Hublot - H006
O & O Eyewear​ - Hublot - H006 O & O Eyewear​ - Hublot - H006 O & O Eyewear​ - Hublot - H006

This frame marks the first time ever in its history, that this iconic global luxury timepiece Maison has stepped outside of its preciously guarded watchmaking business, championing the partnership between meticulous Japanese engineering & Swiss precision craftsmanship, to produce this piece of futuristic eyewear architecture.​

​The marriage between watchmaking & eyewear is a well known proven success story when we look at Cartier, Chopard & TagHeuer.​ Both products are aspirational accessories, highly sought after and a mark of kudos, yet few great houses of horology dedicate the attention to detail required to ensure the brand DNA of the expensive timepiece is carried through to the optical product, they simply rely on the brand name.​
Hublot HO 06 is the exception.​

The model is a structure consisting of alternating layers of precious materials encompassing a Hublot custom engraved hexagonal Zeiss lens with a polarised option.​
From the personalised engraved choice of two nosepad types and the iconic Hublot ‘H' working screws, to the classic superyacht “porthole”styling of both watch dial & frame frontage (which of course is the French translation of ‘Hublot'!),these intricate details ensure the seamless transition of luxury watch to luxury eyewear frame.​
With the Hublot Eyewear brand mission statement of “men are back”, no expense has been spared in creating this model to appeal to its extrovert, confident end consumer, the frame is industrial, bold and gloriously showy.​
Just like Hublot's brand ambassadors, Pele,José Mourinho, Floyd Mayweather, Usain Bolt, Ferrari Fi, Chelsea & Juventus FC, some of the most prestigious players on the world stage.​

Product H006
Distributor O & O Eyewear
Launch Date 05/01/2022





  • Luxury Frame of the year