It uses the depth-sensing front camera.

Warby Parker is making eyewear recommendations for consumers using the depth-sensing capabilities of the new iPhone X's front-fasing camera.

The recommendation feature works through Warby Parker's Glasses iOS app, which was just updated, Engadget reports. It scans your face and recommends frames to suit your dimensions.

One thing the feature doesn't do, though, is superimpose the frames on your face.

One reviewer wrote at the App Store: "Wow, the face scanning for frames is amazing! The only thing that I could see that would make this app better would be to allow us to wear the frames in AR to see how they would look."

The Verge writes that "it's hard not to see the potential that could be waiting in the wings here," suggesting that "full augmented reality try ons" would be a sensible next step.

Source: Invison Mag