Using augmented reality has helped to improve the visual acuity of amblyopia patients by 1.5 lines on a logMAR eye chart.

Scientists have used augmented reality technology to treat amblyopia.

Researchers recruited 10 adults with “significant interocular imbalance” who completed a daily three-hour training session with augmented reality headsets for five days.

Changes in ocular dominance were assessed at regular intervals up to four months after the last training session.

Researchers found that interocular balance improved among the trial group, and this improvement continued to be evident four months after the training period.

In another experiment, 18 amblyopia patients went through a similar training procedure. On average, their visual acuity improved to the point where they could read an additional 1.5 lines on a standard logMAR eye chart.

The researchers’ findings are published in Psychological Science.

Source: Optometry Today