Optimum Coatings Rx Lens Specialists launches a new progressive specific to day and night driving OptiForm Drive inMotion lenses. Thanks to these lenses you get a visual field inside and outside the vehicle to drive without stress or visual fatigue.

Night driving has two problems on the one hand you lose visual acuity at night and on the other, the visual field decreases, we stop appreciating speed and movement so there is always more risk of accidents. OptiForm Drive inMotion lenses incorporates a night vision zone adapted for driving to focus more quickly and anticipate all changes, with these new lenses you achieve a clear and accurate night vision.

OptiForm Drive inMotion offers this specific night vision zone that helps compensate for the difference in refractive error that occurs between day and night. It manages to return the user a superior visual acuity, thus reducing the stress and visual fatigue so common when driving at night.

In addition, OptiForm Drive inMotion lenses incorporate Digital Ray-Path® technology, the technology that offers unique lenses to the user based on their prescription, morphology and mount, truly a unique and personalized combination.

Optimum offers you unlimited and safe driving with these unique lenses designed especially for day and night driving.

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