The London-based eye care startup Waldo is ready revolutionize the contact lens industry with its new pair of vitamin-laced lenses. These new lenses were designed to help people suffering from common eye issues such as dry eyes and computer vision syndrome.

Every pair of these new Waldo lenses comes packed in a pink saline fluid full of vitamins associated with eye health. The main three vitamins users will absorb into their eyes with these lenses are pyridoxine (aka B6), cobalamin (aka B12), and vitamin E.

Not only do these new lenses supply more vitamins to the eyes, they are also supposed to let in more oxygen. One of the main reasons contact wearers have issues with dry eye is because most lenses restrict oxygen flow to the cornea.

Waldo's lenses are made out of a special UV-protecting technology that can block both 70 percent UVA and 95 percent UVB rays. Manufacturers say this added protection will help reduce wearer's risks of developing diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

In addition to dry eye syndrome, Waldo hopes these new vitamin-enhanced lenses will fix other common eye issues like eye fatigue and eye soreness. One month's supply of these special lenses will cost users £32.

Launched in July of 2017, Waldo is set to disrupt the UK's £290 million contact lens industry by focusing on providing customers with cheaper daily disposable lenses (aka dailies). Waldo promises to deliver a supply of dailies to their customers within 48 hours of purchase in a recyclable box. A one month's supply of Waldo's standard dailies costs £12 per box, per eye.

One of vitamin E's greatest benefits for eye health is that it prevents AMD. Anyone trying to obtain the vision boosting effects of vitamin E, however, must also take it with enough zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Foods with high amounts of bioavailable vitamin E include hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, and avocados.

In addition to numerous other functions in the body, vitamins B6 and B12 are critical for protecting the eyes from various diseases. Without a doubt, the best food to get all of your B vitamins is beef liver. If you can't stand the taste of liver, doctors recommend trying a liver supplement.

Ashleigh Hinde is the founder and CEO of Waldo Contacts. Before founding Waldo, Hinde studied social science at the University of Cape Town and then graduated with a Master of Management from Harvard University.

Source: Contact Lenses News