100% Optical are always interested to understand the story behind the product.

The information below gives a fascinating insight into a journey that started from a love of motorbikes but soon turns into a mission to provide a solution to the common problem of fitting ones eyewear comfortably under a helmet.

As keen bikers we enjoyed nothing better than a fine day getting out on the bike, we enjoyed all aspects of riding except the confines of our helmets and more importantly how uncomfortable they were especially when we tried to fit any glasses or sunglasses under them.

After visiting the three main bike shows in the UK we still had no solution to finding something that was comfortable and that didn’t distort or damage any sort of frame or sunglass we tried to squeeze under the helmet, after numerous hours searching the world wide web and still finding nothing it became our mission to solve the problem, after all with over 25 years optical experience between us we had to come up with something biker friendly.

We started off knowing we had to design something that would replicate wearing a normal pair of glasses as this was important for the aspect of vision correction regardless of what type of correction was required (long sighted, multi vision) so the solution had to be on the rider’s face and sitting correctly on the bridge of their nose, this immediately caused issues as how do we get a frame to sit in the correct position on the riders face regardless of facial features no one is identical to everyone else so positioning was a major factor after seeing other attempts at a solution we saw why none had be able to go into production as they just couldn’t work in providing individual vision correction “eureka” “vision is through the visor so the visor is the start to the solution”.

So with the start of any product we started experimenting with loads of tape, tubes, wires, broken down frames, bits of plastic and wood. We worked on the principle that for comfort sake the product had to be front loaded as that is where the majority of space is in a helmet and rotation onto the face was paramount.

Michelle and I worked on a number of drawings and we built everyone that would provide a solution after coming up with our main design and construction we consulted a design company to put our design to the test and after numerous tweaks and changes not only to the design but also to the design companies we could work with our dream was realised and Lid Vision was born.



Our goal was always to provide true corrective vision and sun protection but more importantly COMFORT!!!, as the reason we all ride motorcycles is for the enjoyment it brings, we found that we also achieved safety in allowing the riders to have a clear visor with interchangeable sun and corrective fronts which caters for day and night use so as not to getting caught out with a tinted visor at the start of a beautiful sunset and ending up with grit and all number of bugs decorating your face as you have to ride with the visor up.

Finally we had to incorporate practicality so the next challenge was to supply a helmet on, helmet off solution in other words the rider should be able to wear the same frame whilst wearing the helmet/headgear as well as when not so we needed to incorporate interchangeable temples or plug in temples/sides, this allows the rider an everyday pair of glasses or sunglasses and the same glasses or sunglasses can be worn when enjoying their motorcycling passion so we looked at the frame front being detachable from the side arms whilst in the helmet and allowing plug in sides/temples when not in the helmet.



 We needed to create the only choice of eyewear for a biker wearing a full face helmet we had to incorporate styling with technical innovation, at this point Michelle was in her element as this meant fashion and trends relating to the biking lifestyle, the style had to be on trend with both clean lines and bold statement pieces, allowing personality and identity for scooter, chopper or sports/ sport cruiser riders. Allowing wrap style frames full optical glazing capabilities as well as giving added protection to the rider.

We felt we had now achieved a true cohesion between the biker and optical world giving comfort and practicality, technical advancement and styling so providing “The only eyewear brand for Bikers”



For more information on LID VISION contact:
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