As part of our 'Optician Spotlight' series we speak with Sophie Jakes who is an optical assistant at Querido & Davidson Opticians based in Newcastle.

We learn how the responsibility of social media and marketing has been given to her to aid the growth of the practice. Sophie also gives an interesting insight into how patients often spend a lot of money on the latest phone technology without hesitation, but when it comes to the health of their eyes and buying frames of good quality this often needs a little more consultancy work from her.


1. What is the name of your practice and where is it based?

Querido & Davidson Opticians, Heaton, Newcastle Upon Tyne


2. How would you best describe your practice ethos?

We are an individual, family orientated, very personal and friendly opticians. We promise that you will be treated with respect and courtesy at all times by highly trained welcoming staff. We will use the latest technology to provide the best possible eyecare at a time that is convenient for you. You will be prescribed innovative products, as individual as you are, that provide the best vision and comfort at a fair price that offers great value.


3. What makes your practice unique from other independent opticians?

We have a diversity of personalities, age ranges and genders of staff at the practice, this allows us to be a bit of everything in a sense and relate to different kinds of patients that come through our door. Our staff are all different but our skills set actually all fit well together and this shows in our business as it has grown over time. I would say we offer a personal bespoke service, we greet everyone by name and know their friends, families and interests, we try to ensure they are seen by the same staff member at each visit. Our patients can build a relationship with staff members due to this continuity of care.


4. Describe a typical working day in your life.

Me personally? I have two jobs in a sense, I have the optical side where I dispense and style patients but I have the marketing side where I run the social media and external marketing. I try to keep these separate and work away from the shop floor to do my marketing so I can really get involved with the patients and then focus fully on marketing. Both sides are very important to help the business grow and its great that I can drive into both areas of the business and get ideas flowing.


5. What challenges do you see facing the optical industry in the coming years?

I'm very new to optics but I find that people want high quality but not always the price tag and this is something people need to realise. Patients may spend a fortune on the latest phone which is a communication toy in a sense but aren't willing to spend much on something that makes their vision better and is worn on their face, it is a mad world. With this I suppose, knowledge is key and as a practice, we try to educate and advise patients as much as we can in this area.


Querido2ndImage web usethis


6. You came with the whole practice to 100% Optical 2018. Did you have fun? Why do you choose 100% Optical to buy your frames/ equipment/contact lenses for your practice?

We actually all went for a team building day, we closed the practice for the day and went to London for 100%. It was great as some of us had been before and some of us hadn't. We could bounce off each other and work together as a practice to make decisions but also split up and find hidden gems of 100% both on the clinic side and fashion side. Therefore finding the best innovative products to provide the best in eye care and vision correction, as well as making sure our patients look fabulous!


Querido3rdImage web usethis


7. What factors do you consider when making purchases for your practice?

We do follow trends and like to try new styles to see how they sale but at the same time we think about our patients and what would they like.


8. What caught your attention at 100% Optical this year?

We were looking at machines to ensure we are providing the best clinical care for our patients and we also look for quirky and innovative frame styles for our patients


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