Optical Insider email newsletter improved to provide more content that is relevant to you.

The Optical Insider newsletter has often been the go to email newsletter for professionals looking to keep up to speed with all the latest goings on within the optical sector.

Rolling out mid March the Optical Insider newsletter is about to undergo a change in layout and importantly it will feature articial intelligent (AI) technology that will customise the news content to be more relevant to stories you are interested in! We are all busy and no-one likes to open emails that provide content that is not relevant. The new Optical Insider email newsletters will give you the option to provide feedback on what you prefer to read about quickly with just the click of a button, As the AI learns your preferences you can be assured that when opening up that email from 100% Optical it will always be relevant and engaging.

Keep an eye out for more information in your email inbox soon!



Online optical directory and newsfeed.

100% Optical is thrilled to introduce a brand new Optical Insider Industry Directory and newsfeed set for release mid March 2019. The online Directory and newsfeed will provide optical professionals and practices the benefit of having a wealth of supplier information at their fingertips. It will feature company listings, info on exhibitors, product releases and hot off the press content covering both general industry and suppliers latest news.

Exhibitors of 100% Optical 2020 will be pleased to hear that they will automatically be added to the Directory with the power to control their own listing and news content through a unique link which will be provided to them. With all this content visible to members of 100% Opticals vast network, suppliers showcasing their company in more depth will increase opportunties for the optical community to connect, do business and keep up to speed with what the industry is talking about each week.




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