PORTRAIT Eyewear was born from the genuine desire of two half-Venezuelan/ Spanish siblings of preserving the traditional quality of Italian handcrafting, channeling such a precious resource through contemporary-eyewear design research and following the principles of a sustainable and socially responsible business.

Their product is entirely handmade by genuine artisans who combine traditional craftsmanship with high-technology manufacture, pursuing the highest quality standards. The production process adheres to environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices. All of their suppliers have an energy-efficient philosophy and guarantee a slave-free workplace.

Opticals and sunglasses are the result of a deep design research and experimentation, strongly influenced by art-history movements and dedicated to its most iconic figures. Coherently with the project’s art soul, the communication is based on the promotion of emerging artists in a fair cooperation that co-endorses both players, the brand and its fascinating testimonials.


The PORTRAIT of an artist. The frame of an artwork.

These are the core values of an eyewear brand that has decided to take inspiration from the art field and gives visibility to emerging artist through its collection as well as through its communication platform.

From all fashion accessories, eyewear is one of the most important. No wonder it’s worn in peoples faces and so, completes the person identity like any clothing piece could do. That’s why PORTRAIT Eyewear has chosen to put the wearer at the centre.

And if such wearer happens to be an artist, a unique self that puts the artistic expression before their personal choices and any other kind of ambition, portraying themselves becomes a subtle experience that’s also intimate.

With five different series, all inspired in art and dedicated to art, PORTRAIT has decided to return to its roots by portraying four emerging italian artists and creators, mixing the natural elements of a photo-booth with those few objects and artwork-recalls that are able to contextualize the subject’s identity.

Natural light, soften colours, personal elements and the eyewear itself, get mixed in a communication campaign that connects the audience with the brand’s core essence and reminds us that it’s worth taking a look at the expression of inspiring figures: the artists and those in the path of becoming artists, the creators.


Monia Merlo, photographer in frida black

Daniel Bonato, Cook and rocker in THE CREATOR crystal pink

CERA, Italian Graffiti artist, portraied with Starman Gold, one of PORTRAIT’s most iconic frames. As his works require, CE-RA chose to be portraied with his face covered.

Chiara Oliva, italian expressionist painter, in June gold

 After having launched just a couple of months earlier its latest series “Glitch”, inspired in video art and realized in metal, PORTRAIT introduces new four models as part of “The Essentials” line. Four shapes that embody the brand’s most characterizing features, stylizing them into minimal acetate frames that aren’t longer dedicated to specific art movements or art figures but to art essence. In this sense, the shapes names are archetypal and generic. They are not longer identified with an existing character but with the artists’ potential, somehow present in all of us. The product naming as follow: The Artist, The Creator, The Master and The Producer, points out what’s imperative for PORTRAIT Eyewear, your uniqueness, that is, “the artist in you”.

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 Lori Black, portraied with Daniel’s work tools

Lye gold, portrayed with Monia Merlo’s works

Charlotte gold from the Glitch Series