The Danish eyewear company nine eyewear has been acknowledged with the Good Design Award Japan. We are delighted to share that this notable Good Design Award 2016 goes to 3rd 2433 from nine eyewear. The Good Design Award honors designer products that enrich people’s life, and gives nine eyewear this endorsement:

“The product nine eyewear 3rd shows us simple and intelligent design, made with aesthetic consciousness. Such as for the design in detail, materials rationality, the scrupulous care for the user deserve a highly evaluation.”

About the award:

The winners of the Good Design Award are selected through the ideals of the Japan Institute for Design Promotion:

HUMANITY the creativity that guides the making of things.

HONESTY the ability to clearly see the nature of modern society.

INNOVATION the vision to open up the future.

ESTHETICS the imagination to evoke a rich life and culture.

ETHICS the thoughtfulness to shape society and the environment.

Last years winners were among others: NIKE, Panasonic, DIESEL, og SEIKO

Nine 3rd

The winner of the Good Design Award nine 3rd model 2433 is sophisticated eyewear designed as a tribute to the classic eyewear fashion. Titanium perfectly matched with sandblasted transparent polyamides gives the eyewear a sophisticated matte look. A carefully developed nose pad system ensures a perfect fit and offers supreme comfort with a refined aesthetic look.


Danish design is known for simplicity, functionalism and aesthetic design and so is nine eyewear. When designing nine eyewear it is a balance between the aesthetic design and a sublime functionality providing the wearer with the most comfortable feeling. nine eyewear is ultra-light titanium eyewear, designed without any superfluous details. nine eyewear was founded in 2010 by Jens William Sørensen.


nine eyewear works closely together with highly skilled craftsmen in Japan. The Japanese has a value they call “Monotsukuri”, referring to the precision hand craftsmanship Japan has been historically famous for, perfecting a specific skill. This way of thinking and working gives nine eyewear a state of the art optical manufacturing, truly valued by the wearers of nine. Sophisticated eyewear with an aesthetic approach to form and functionality.


At nine eyewear we care! Living in one of the most well-governed countries, we set our minds to do business in a proper way. nine eyewear has defined a Code of Conduct which is expected to be complied with our employees and manufactures.

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