Staffan Preutz Design (SPD). Lightweight, tailored eyewear – as individual as you are.

The New SPD13 model is to be launched at 100% Optical, Stand D04. Titanium and carbon fibre combine to form a modern, unisex design. To celebrate, all Staffan Preutz Design frames purchased at the exhibition will be entitled to a 25% discount as a part of our new product promotion.

Personalise your Staffan Preutz Design frames for your customer or your in-store collection in 5 easy steps:

1. Choose frame shape

2. Tailor frame size to fit face shape

3. Select frame colour

4. Select side design and colour

5. (Optional) Personalise with features such as patterns.

The bespoke SPD frames are produced in Milton Keynes for the worldwide market, using innovative materials such as NXT. The NXT front sheet is lightweight, strong, solvent resistant and maintains its curvature over time.