The UK's first ever smart glasses for vision correction have launched today using Slide Lens™ technology, a new technique never before used in eyewear. British based Eyejusters ( have created a discreet adjustable eyeDial to change the lens strength in the same way as binoculars or a microscope, giving you near perfect vision, whatever your needs - computer, reading or detailed close-up work.

74% of people in the UK either wear corrective eyewear or have had laser eye surgery to help them see better. However, wearing glasses with the wrong lens can cause short-term issues such as headaches, eye strain, squinting, tired eyes, blurred vision, dizziness or a lack of balance. Long-sightedness caused by loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye affects 22.7 million people in the UK alone of which 12.8 million have the potential to benefit from owning a pair of Eyejusters. With an ageing population staying active for longer the need for adjustable reading glasses is also on the increase.

Most people need help with close up vision at some point in their lives hence the popularity of ‘ready readers’ (over-the- counter reading glasses). By our mid-forties we start struggling to see close-up objects such as books, computers and phones. This is caused by an age-related condition called presbyopia, which is part of the natural ageing process of the eye . Our eyes begin to lose elasticity making it harder to switch focus between short and long-distance objects. Although presbyopia cannot be cured it can be addressed using reading glasses but many people often need more than one pair of glasses, with different strengths. Additionally, 'ready readers' have the same strength lens for each eye - many people, however, require different strengths for each eye.

With this problem in mind, the creators of Eyejusters invented SlideLens, the result of five years of intensive research into eye-wear technology which means that each lens can be individually focused by the wearer through a small adjustable dial in each side of the frame enabling wearers to focus each eye independently.

“Many people need glasses with lots of different strengths. They may have a pair with for computer work, another for reading, and maybe yet another for close up work like hobbies," said Owen Reading, Co-founder of Eyejusters, "Eyejusters replaces the need for multiple pairs of glasses.”

Eyejusters research highlights a growing need for adjustable lens technology, with two thirds (66%) of those wearing reading glasses owning multiple pairs of differing powers, to suit their day-to-day activities. Many more wearers feel unconfident selecting the right strength of reading glasses themselves in-store, so owning an adjustable pair would solve this problem and save time and money. It also makes it easier to buy a pair of glasses as a gift for friends as you don’t need to second guess the strength of the lens.

Eyejusters contain SlideLens technology – a pair of adjustable focus lenses so their strength can be altered at any time with a small, hidden dial. Using two independent lenses, sealed against moisture and dirt, which slide across each other, the glasses adjust the full field of vision, not just a small area of the lens. This restores the natural ability of the eye to change focus. Rather than carrying multiple pairs of glasses of varying strengths and quality to use throughout the day, users only need a single pair.