Götti is launching its new 3D printed eyewear collection with a campaign which shows how real Götti protagonists wear the glasses.

Götti eyeglasses stand for Swissness. They are designed in Switzerland, produced by the leading manufacturers in Germany, Austria and Japan, and delivered to selected retailers in over 30 countries worldwide. The new collection DIMENSION is «made in Switzerland». The company was founded in 1993 by the designer Sven Götti.

The story of Dimension: Embrace diversity. Interchange identities and characters. Blend influences of urbanity, art, architecture, fashion, raw nature. Upgrade to contemporary street style. Reflect your story in design and color. Add textile haptics. High end, high skill, swiss made: This is the finest 3D printed eyewear the world knows of.

And now indulge in the most comfortable fit by far and away. Incredibly light and well balanced, designed for an unshakeable fit. Correction glasses and sunglasses. Choice of 24 models, 6 moody colors. From filigree to expressive dominant. Adapts to your identity.

Four protagonists were photographed for the campaign, they have one thing in common: a highly developed sense of aesthetics which is an essential part of their profession.

The Haus Demarmels in Zürich, a brutalist concrete building from the late modern era (1964), served as the location for the campaign shooting. This is where style icon meets style icon.

The protagonists of the DIMENSION campaign:

Beni Bischof, artist. Born in Switzerland in 1976. Lives and works in St. Gallen. Internationally known for humorous drawings and absurd collages. He loves drawing games, wordplay and achieving great effect with simple means.

Tamy Glauser, model. Born in 1985 and hailing from Bern, she is possibly the only international
Swiss model at present. And now she’s also active as a photographer.

Niels Olsen, exhibition director gta/ETH. Born in 1989 in Zürich, where he still lives and works today. Together with co-curator Fredi Fischli, the art historian brings a breath of fresh air to the ETH exhibition landscape. His speciality: packaging complex contents in appealing exhibits.

Florence Tétier, creative director and founder of Novembre Magazine. Born in Switzerland in 1983, lives and works in Paris. Creative education at the famous ECAL in Lausanne. In 2010, she co-founded Novembre, the innovative magazine for art, beauty and innovation.