Associated Optical are thrilled to announce that they are the newly appointed exclusive UK distributors of eSight Eyewear – electronic glasses that enable the legally blind to actually see. eSight Eyewear is transforming the lives of those living with low vision, enhancing and optimizing their vision and restoring their independence and confidence.

The much-awaited UK launch takes place on the 4th February at 100% Optical, London (the UK’s largest optical event) stand W01 #EveryoneDeservesToSee

Since 1983 Associated Optical, Eschenbach’s UK partner, has sought to provide eye-care professionals with innovative devices to further enhance their patient care. Working closely with all of their key manufacturers and education team, their aim is to inspire customers with sight loss to further improve their quality of life using patient-centred solutions.

Education and development are at the core of Associated Optical’ s ethos and through the delivery of CET accredited content which includes the highly successful one day event ‘Magnification – From Low Vison to Easy Vision’, Associated Optical continues to support the low vision rehabilitation industry in the pursuit of further enhancing patient care and improving the lives of people with sight loss.

“Appointing Associated Optical as our exclusive distributor was an obvious choice for eSight and we are excited to work with Stuart Baldwin and his team in the UK. We have been truly inspired by the impact our product has made on the lives of people living with low vision. We can’t wait to see the reaction at 100% Optical where eSight will be formally launched in the UK” says Brian Mech, President and CEO of eSight.

eSight was founded in 2006 by a Canadian entrepreneur who felt that there was a dire need for a device such as eSight for his two visually impaired sisters and for the millions of other people with inoperable vision loss all over the world. eSight’s mission – that everyone deserves to see - has motivated many experienced and respected investors to invest over £12 million to make eSight Eyewear a reality. This has enabled eSight to attract a highly talented and motivated team of Board members, clinical advisors, engineers, outreach and support staff as well as supporters from all around the world.

"Working with eSight has been inspirational and we are completely behind this revolutionary product. They key for a successful rollout has been to ensure that the eyewear was available through a supportive network with partnering opticians. This reassures us that eSight is available to the right people with the right support in place.” Stuart Baldwin, Director Associated Optical