Italia Independent presents its new line ME,MYSELF&EYE, a revolution in the very concept of eyewear, the first company to market a line of eyewear using Mdecor.

ME,MYSELF&EYE lets the wearer decide how to personalise their frame: simply by changing the front, they can completely transform its shape and adapt it to suit the mood and occasion.

The unusual material used is produced in collaboration with the historic Italian company Mazzucchelli 1849. World leaders in the eyewear plastics sector, they have conceived Mdecor, an innovative sheet of polyurethane, extremely thin, flexible and with a high aesthetic content. Thanks to a cutting-edge process, which reproduces the sheets of cellulose acetate, the material achieves unprecedented lightness and rich colourways, with 3D shading similar to a natural effect.

Just like clothing for glasses, this laminate allows a change of appearance, a different lifestyle and a boost of originality for the wearer.

Each frame, fitted with flex lenses, comes with three exclusive front covers to apply to the two unisex models produced in a round or square shape, in six sun and three prescription versions.

If eyewear is an accessory, a personal touch that completes a look, ME,MYSELF&EYE is its best interpretation.