Designed initially for the aviation industry, Bigatmo have a unique take on sunglasses design, for good reason.
Aviation is an area where precision, technology and skill intersect seamlessly. Whether you’re a commercial airline pilot, an air racer, or a pilot in an aerobatic display team; precise performance is of supreme importance.
Pilots are surrounded by and rely upon sound engineering and technology every moment of their day especially when airborne. It’s a lot to ask of a pair of sunglasses, to coming up to a pilot’s expectations, let alone exceeding them!

The flight deck is a challenging high contrast environment not for the faint hearted and certainly demands an enormous amount from one pair of sunglasses. Clarity and comfort are key.

Using countless hours of research and determined to push the boundaries of sunglasses innovation, a dedicated team of professional designers, engineers and optical experts were drawn together to begin a three year adventure.
The result culminated in the Bigatmo range of titanium framed sunglasses where compromise is simply out of the question.

Now gathering a large following within aviation and being the brand of choice for many pilots around the globe, Bigatmo is spreading its wings into the sports and outdoors market. What better place at ground level to gain brand exposure than at 100% Optical.

It has been said that the profile of a pilot could be described as ‘controlled extrovert’.

If I had to describe the personality of a pair of Bigatmo sunglasses I would say this description fits nicely. 

With their sculpted lightweight titanium frames and range of Trivex NXT lenses, these sunglasses really are up for any challenge.

Come and meet the founders of Bigatmo, take part in our competition and see for yourself what this brand is made of. Bigatmo: Sunglasses with altitude.

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