Murano Eyewear is a well-established Italian owned company and will bring the epitome of luxury, glamour and elegance to 100% Optical.

Over the past 18 years Murano Eyewear has become a highly respected Italian frame supplier for its un-paralleled aftercare service and commitment to introduce exquisite new styles specifically designed to fit the UK market place.

• Elegantly designed styles for ladies who want that glamorous look.
• Adapted shapes to fit smaller faces.
• In store displays to enhance our frames desirability.
• Exclusively available for Independent opticians.

The Journey - ‘I was born and raised in the heartland or Italian spectacle manufacturing in the North East of Italy and held many different jobs within frame factories as a young man, trying to learn all I could.

The year was 1997 and I had decided I wanted to create my own collection of frames so I worked tirelessly to create several styles I thought I could use to establish myself. When 1998 came around I decided to take a big step and moved to England to try and establish my newly branded MURANO collection. For years I worked alone as the Rep, Receptionist, Director and Packer trying my hardest to just get by. Now we cover all the UK and Ireland and are one of the most highly respected Independent Italian collections across all of the country. I am very excited to be present at 100% Optical, confident that this will be another step to establish our brand amongst the elite in the UK market.’ Alberto Da Rin (Director)