Rxlens Direct Ltd brings spectacles which help hearing to 100% Optical.

Wearing both spectacles and hearing aids can create problems. The sides of the spectacle frame need to sit on the top of the ear which is exactly where the tube of an ‘over the ear hearing aid’ tends to rest. The spectacle side may push the hearing aid out of position making it unstable and the constant physical interference may cause the aid to whistle. Sore irritable areas may be produced on the skin which encourage people to ‘fiddle’ with their spectacles in an attempt to minimize discomfort. Since both hearing and vision problems are the norm as the population ages, the problem described above, is all too common.

Brought to you by Rxlens Direct Ltd, a range of spectacle frames called Paulo Pilipe AG (anti gravity), have come up with a patented side design which targets or helps to address this issue. It is claimed by the manufacturer that the side design reduces the weight of the spectacles on the nose by up to 25% with their temple gripper system stopping frame slippage. The sides can be altered in length whereas the majority of modern frames come with a single side length only. The thin metal sides slip behind the hearing aid causing minimal or no contact. These features make the frames incredibly comfortable to wear for everyone, not just those who have hearing aids.