Götti eyeglasses stand for Swissness. They are designed in Switzerland, produced by the leading manufacturers in Germany, Austria and Japan, and delivered to selected retailers in over 30 countries worldwide. The company was founded in 1993 by the designer Sven Götti.

The new Götti Switzerland: Ultrasmart and minima-list in style and design. Unparalleled wearing com-fort: super light, tough, well balanced. For people who value aesthetic and technical perfection. You will recognize your Götti.

Five protagonists were photographed for the Götti Switzerland campaign, all of whom harbor a profess-ional love of things which are simple yet beautiful. The campaign shots were taken in the extension of the National Museum Zurich, an angular architectural landmark made of concrete, which gives the original building dating back to 1889 a contemporarily august feel. The building was drafted by the Basel-based architecture firm Christ & Gantenbein, the founders of which are Götti protagonists. Photographer: Mathilde Agius.

The protagonists:

This Brunner, cineaste.

Lives and works in Zurich and Samedan and visits the most important Film Festivals of the world. Swiss pioneer of the international art film. Was art director at Zurich’s arthouse cinemas for 35 years. He is currently involved in film/art/installations which can be found in institutions such as Swiss Institute in New York and Beyeler Foundation in Basel and also in other renowned museums.

Julie Richoz, designer.

Born in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland in 1990. Lives and works in Paris. ECAL graduate. Creates elegant objects out of glass and porcelain that transcend material boundaries.

Marina Olsen, Karma International gallery owner.

Born in Zurich in 1980, lives and works in Zurich. PhD in art history and partner to the young Karma International gallery with locations in Zurich and Los Angeles.

Emanuel Christ and Christoph Gantenbein, architects.

Foundation Christ & Gantenbein in Basel in 1998. Have become renowned since completing the ex-tension to the National Museum Zurich and the new Kunstmuseum Basel. Have a penchant for radically angular designs made of concrete.

Emanuel Christ & Christoph Gantenbein

Julie Richoz

Marina Olsen

This Brunner