In these times of optical discipline and requirements, brands have to succeed in seducing and conquering consumers through true values of differentiation and exception of designs, materials and colors – OKO by OKO Paris doesn't stop to surprise through its creations always more innovative, through its designs always more delirious and through its color combinations always more crazy.

With OKO by OKO Paris, the eyewear is head over hills !

First, we look at a OKO by OKO Paris frame because we find it beautiful. Because we find it different. Feminine or male, equipped with a surgical steel face, a bronze face or even an acetate face, and with finely worked side-pieces, folded or numerically printed – its createur, designer and innovator look seduces.

And then, slowly the look discovers strange details, as if our codes, our customary reflexes were disrupted by unusual additions. These surgical steel side-pieces folded as « origami », aren't they unexpected ? These frames dressed and printed as « carbon fiber », aren't they a feat of innovation ?

And it becomes evident. Everything is consciously and elegantly offbeat, as if the designer David BEDDOK was giving life to its ideas and to its creations by pushing away the limits of the possible and by turning upside down received ideas.

OKO by OKO Paris, a brand of the OKO PARIS Lunetterie group, was born from a crazy bet. 18 years ago, two optician friends decide to launch themselves, by taste of the challenge, in the creation of this brand and the collections attached to it.

Passionate by fashion and eyewear, Philippe ZEITOUN and David BEDDOK imagine frames which - before all - look like them. Their offbeat and colored universe quickly creates the buzz on the designer segment – that they want affordable for all.

Recognizable frames with an assertive style or more discrete models, OKO by OKO Paris aims and hits all audiences, with no exception. Young or older, no matters, what really counts is to share a common philosophy of differentiation and affirmation. A common philosophy of life.

Acetate collections, metal or combined, the models give off an authentic joy of living and a real love for life. This state of mind succeeds in reaching the consumers in France where OKO by OKO Paris is being distributed in more than 4000 optical shops and in numerous countries all over the world through local distributors. The brand is being represented geographically in Europe, North America/Canada and Asia.