Silhouette, the Austrian designer and pioneer in rimless eyewear, has announced the launch of its first ever range of optical lenses. The lenses will launch the Silhouette Vision Sensation™ programme: the brands initiative to provide frames and lenses from a single source.

Silhouette’s bold move into the lenses market will transform the brand into a single-source supplier of top-quality, stylish eyewear, perfectly in keeping with the brands dedication to providing a bespoke, high-end
service to its customers. The brand is already synonymous with premium, elegant frames and as such its expansion into lenses is the next, logical step forward for the brand, which has been committed to providing unlimited visual experiences since 1964.

The Silhouette Vision Sensation lenses will be designed and manufactured in the company’s newly built Lens Lab in Linz, Austria. By manufacturing both frames and lenses under the same roof, Silhouette has now positioned itself as a single-source supplier for its customers, helping to streamline and simplify the ordering process.

Silhouette will now be able to eliminate the issues its retail partners have often experienced in the past when dealing with two separate suppliers and can lend improved support to its partners and opticians. Ordering will take less time and it will mean just one point of contact for both lens and frame, helping to reduce handling costs, removing the breakage risk by fitting the lenses in the Silhouette workshop and providing a simplified consultation and ordering process.

In particular, this new launch will help tackle the issue of the common misunderstandings which often happen between lens and frame suppliers by producing bespoke, tailor made lenses which are designed specifically for use within its frames and delivering them as one simple package, straight to its partners.

Silhouette will bring the same dedication to high-quality design and manufacturing to its lens as it has done its frames. Working closely with leading figures in the development of spectacle lenses, Silhouette has devised innovative technology to allow two perfectly tailored components to be faultlessly adjusted to each other, creating a completely unique pair of glasses which will minimise light reflection and be effortlessly fitted to suit the the face of each wearer.

Jan Rosenberg, chief executive officer of Silhouette, commented “Silhouette is well-known for its bold business decisions and its commitment to continuous innovation. A perfect marriage of frame and lens is vital to this and we have now taken this step. With our complete spectacles concept, we are securing a considerable competitive advantage for ourselves, paving the way for us to move towards "Industry 4.0". We are building on our existing position and establishing ourselves even more decisively as an expert in all matters related to an individual unlimited visual experience.

“It's always been standard in our industry that the lens supplier doesn't know the design parameters of the frame and the frame supplier doesn't know the parameters of the lens supplier. We are now taking an innovative step by bringing two previously separate areas together. The most important advantage is that we know the parameters and requirements of both sides and can therefore create spectacles that are perfectly tailor-made for the wearer.”

The Silhouette Vision Sensation™ programme will focus on creating individually tailored premium progressive lenses perfectly matched to Silhouette frames, rather than the production of stock lenses. It is this which sets the new initiative apart from traditional lens manufacturers.

Silhouette’s Lens Lab in Linz, is producing single-vision and progressive lenses for rimless and full-rimmed spectacles under its own name – Silhouette Panorama. The emphasis is on progressive lenses for rimless spectacles and optimising vision right to the very edge of the lenses. The Silhouette Vision Sensation starting range will initially include transparent optical lenses and lightly tinted versions in five different colours, each available in three variants. These will be available in 10% or 20% tint or with a colour progression.

The Silhouette Panorama collection of progressive lenses has been designed together with Prof. Dr. Peter Baumbach, one of the leading experts in the development of individual and personalised spectacle lenses and a professor at the Aalen University of Applied Sciences. Prof. Baumbach has mathematically defined the optimal viewing zones in the progressive lenses. Working with the Schneider company, a leading player in the machine technology sector, the machines were precisely tailored to Silhouette’s individual requirements for production using free-form technology.

The experience of buying optically glazed spectacles has also been revolutionised for opticians and end customers alike. Using the Vision Sensation App, customers get to see how the lens will look in their personal prescription – before they buy. This builds trust and makes the decision to buy Silhouette complete glasses easier.

The new service will be supported by the Silhouette Vision Sensation app. This will allow for quick and easy consultation and ordering. This frees up more time for the optician to carry out sales activities and deal with its customers.

It also enables opticians to provide an extraordinarily individual consultation experience as the app will allow partners to choose from over 400 different lens shapes at the touch of a button and customers will get to see how the lenses will look in their personal prescription –
before they buy.

The ordering process couldn’t be simpler; each stage of production will be carried out under the Linz factory roof and Silhouette will guarantee delivery within 96 hours anywhere in Europe, helping to ensure the continued satisfaction of its customers.